Friday, July 20, 2012

Worth Another Look

Some of these titles may be familiar to you, but I hope many will not.  Over the past couple of months, I've either caught them on TV, or referred to them in conversations, for one reason or another, which led me to think that giving them a shout-out would be a good idea.  Any additional suggestions?  Post them below! 

A Tale of Two Cities (Ronald Colman)  (1935) Dir. Jack Conway   Ronald Colman will break your heart as Sidney Carton, the man who sacrifices his life for the woman he loves.

Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House (1948) Dir. H.C. Potter  adapted from the novel by Eric Hodgins.  Carg Grant and Myrna Loy decide to move out of their tiny apartment in the city, and build their dream home in the country.

Rope (1948) Dir. Alfred Hitchcock  A technically interesting retelling of the Leopold and Loeb case.

Elevator to the Gallows  (1958) Dir. Louis Malle A woman plots to kill her husband so she can be with her lover, but, oh boy, do things go awry….  Watch for the suspense, and listen for Miles Davis’s atmospheric soundtrack.

Duel  (1971) Dir. Steven Spielberg   Dennis Weaver is a motorist who is terrorized by a faceless truck driver.  This is every driver’s nightmare done to perfection. 

The Man who would be King  (1975)  Dir. John Huston  Based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling.  Sean Connery and Michael Caine set off to rule the tiny country of Kafiristan.  I keep wishing this would be re-released in theaters.  It so deserves a big screen....

Diva (1981) Dir.  Jean-Jacques Beineix    An opera fan secretly tapes his favorite diva (the magnificent Wilhelmenia Fernandez) during a concert.  When his tape gets mixed up with another tying a police chief to the mob, the opera fan finds his life imperiled by those who’ll do anything to get the tape back.

House of Games (1987)  Dir. David Mamet  Lindsay Crouse plays a psychiatrist whose desire to help a patient leads her into the con artists' world.  

The Double Life of Veronique (1991) Dir. Krzysztof Keslowski  Irene Jacob has a dual role in this strange and haunting tale of two women, one in Poland, one in France, who have never met, yet share thoughts and dreams.
Run, Lola Run (1998) Dir. Tom Tykwer   Franka Potente as Lola, a woman who has to 20 minutes in which to get her hands on a $100,000 to save her boyfriend.  If you like nail-biting suspense with great twists, you’ll love this.

Vera Drake  (2004) Dir. Mike Leigh  Before Imelda Staunton abused the students at Hogwarts, she performed illegal abortions in this powerful and sad film.  Leigh is an expert at creating verisimilitude in his films, and this is one of his best.


  1. Barbara,

    Has it been that long since Run, Lola Run came out? I really enjoyed that film. I'll have to catch a couple of others you mentioned above.


    1. The year gave me a little start, too, Victoria. Time passes too quickly! But I'm always delighted to see how well many of the films I've liked hold up. Hope you enjoy some of the others as much as Lola!